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Important Feeldoe Information
Feeldoe Slim

It is with great regret that we are announcing the immediate discontinuation of all three type of Tantus Feeldoe (Standard, Slim and Stout).

You may have been aware of the manufacturing and supply issues that have been plaguing the Feeldoe for over 1 year now. This started as a manufacturing problem by Tantus. This resulted in them falling behind with orders at a time when the Feeldoe was becoming increasingly popular. The manufacturing problems continued for a number of months whilst their backorders increased leading to increasing problems with supply, especially outside of the US.

We have been informed in the that although Tantus has managed finally to increase the production rate of these very popular products they have taken the drastic step of cancelling all existing back orders and increasing the prices with immediate effect.

The price increase would mean that we would have to almost double the amount we charge for them for new and existing orders. Despite this Tantus still cannot give any dates as to when they will be able to ship any Feeldoes to us - It may be several months more, and the quantity would still be limited.

After long and hard consideration, we at Perfect Passion have decided that it is not in the best interests of our customer to continue to offer the Feeldoe range. We have removed the products from our site, and customers with existing orders have been contacted. Please note that if you have an existing order it will have been cancelled and you will have not been charged. If you ordered other items with your Feeldoe we will be contacting you about this.

Perfect Passion apologises for any inconvience this may cause you but we feel that we have no other option.