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Novelties - Fun & Games

 Model    Product Name+  Price 
 3006009369  Bath House Butterfly  Bath House Butterfly 
Waterproof vibrating butterfly to enjoy those special intimate jacuzzi moments. Batteries more.
 9.99  6.99 
 640043V  Faux Fur Love Cuffs  Faux Fur Love Cuffs 
Metal handcuffs with lock and keys, covered in synthetic fur. Perfect for stag and hen more.
 5.99  3.99 
 MBTT10108V  I Rub My Duckie  I Rub My Duckie 
The classic Duckie, famous the world over. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, this is the original Duckie as seen on TV in just about every country in the world. Batteries more.
 12.99  11.99 
 MBTT10106  I Rub My Fishie  I Rub My Fishie 
With big bulging eyes that sit nicely either side of the spine, this Fishie massager is perfect for and end of day rub more.
 15.99  12.99 
 GVL0105V  Sensual Body Stardust Glitter  Sensual Body Stardust Glitter 
Sensual Body Collection Stardust glitter. Add sparkle to either your hair or body with any of these colours. Available as pots of 4 more.
 6.59  5.99 
 IDKGNVS31  Shot Glass Wedding Ring  Shot Glass Wedding Ring 
"I DO...Wanna 'nuther Schlott" what she'll be slurring, the night before she ties the knot. The top of this wedding ring flips open to form a shot glass. The hen and her chicks can easily do shots all night more.
 3.49  2.49 
 640124  X Rated Tattoos  X Rated Tattoos 
Removable tattoos for telling your lover what to more.
 2.82  1.99 
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