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TongueJoy Information - Frequently Asked Questions

by TongueJoy

What is the TongueJoy?

The TongueJoy is a romantic micro massager that can be used in a variety of ways. Its uses are only limited by your imagination. The TongueJoy's uses are only limited by your own imagination.


Can the TongueJoy shock me?

The TongueJoy uses low voltage DC batteries and presents no danger of electrical shock.


How do I use a TongueJoy?

The TongueJoy is attached to the tongue with silicone elastic bands or using our TongueJoy custom barbell attachment for pierced tongues. Also the TongueJoy can be attached to a finger, toe or other body parts using the different sized elastic bands.


What if I want a more powerful vibration?

We offer a Turbo TongueJoy attachment which uses two "AA" batteries in an external pack and doubles your vibration power.


How is it powered?

The TongueJoy is powered by two #393 watch batteries. The Turbo TongueJoy uses two "AA" batteries in its remote wired battery pack. Both the TongueJoy and Turbo TongueJoy come with one set of batteries included.


How long do the batteries last?

TongueJoy uses two #393 watch batteries. We use this type of battery because it is the smallest battery which will power a vibrator motor properly. The Turbo TongueJoy attachment uses two standard "AA" batteries in an external pack. The life of these batteries vary based on use and brand.


How do I care for a TongueJoy?

Clean your Tongue Joy after use with a damp cloth. If you wish to sanitise the Tongue Joy, use a cotton ball and Isopropyl Alcohol.


Are there any precautions I should be aware of?

While the low voltage batteries present no danger of electrical shock, they are not suitable for ingestion, eating or swallowing. Consult a doctor if you swallow the batteries or any portion of the Tongue Joy. There is a choking hazard associated with any small object placed in your mouth. Due to this potential choking hazard, care should be taken while using this product, and the TongueJoy should not be used while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The TongueJoy is made of metal, therefore keep the vibrator away from your teeth or other dental work (like dentures and fillings) so as to avoid any damage or chipping to your teeth or dental work due to the vibrator. The TongueJoy silicone sleeves can be used to increase comfort for people with sensitive teeth or dental work.


Does the TongueJoy only work on the tongue?

This vibrating body jewellery, whether using the elastic band or the barbell, will give a tingling pleasure to any part of your partner's body that you choose to touch. But don't stop there! The TongueJoy can be attached to a finger, toe or any other body part using the included different size elastic bands. The TongueJoy can be worn and directed any way you can imagine.

This article was published on Monday 14 August, 2006.
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